Quality over Quantity


I think the title of this blog post speaks for itself in saying that when it comes to clothes, quality over quantity is everything. However, this saying really rolls over in all aspects of life as well. Today, I want to shy away from my usual fashion posts and talk about something a bit more personal.

For about a year now, my perspective on life has begun a transformation. This past year I have said a lot of goodbyes and some beautiful hellos. And I have certainly learned a bunch of lessons along the way. Back then, I found myself in a rut and it felt like everywhere I turned something bad was happening, to me, to people around me, etc. I soon realized that during this hard time, some of the people/things I surrounded myself with were taking a toll on me; It was taking too much effort on my part to try to enjoy myself and be happy. I slowly started to figure out that quality over quantity is everything when dealing with relationships a person has with different people, places, and things. If surrounded by stuff that brings you down, it can really alter the way you look at life as a whole. I have been let down by friends and family in the past so I have this thing about authentic relationships. I love and trust all types of people but I have given up on those who I don’t view add real value to my life. I have found myself to be much happier throughout this process.

For me, it was a very hard lesson to learn that relationships with friends, family, significant others, and even things like a club/organization are not solely based on love alone. You can absolutely love someone or something to the ends of the earth and it still doesn’t take away from the fact that it may just not work out, for whatever reason. I now like to view things as if I’m placing them on a balance scale. In which direction does the scale pull? That gives you a simple, concrete answer to life’s complicated situations. Life should aways be about happiness imbedded throughout the journey. Achieving ‘the ultimate balance’ as I would call it!

I consider myself to have a very simple life. I strive for an underlying theme of simplicity in all things that I do. I am beautifully blessed in that regard as there are so many amazing things and people who fill my life with their vibrant energy. I have taken the last year and cut out/distanced myself from almost all of the negative things and people that once were placed in the environment around me. It is definitely a scary process but there is no use in harping over love lost/things end. Take what you’ve got and accept where you are in life. Use that energy to create love in everything you do. Fill your life with things and people who make you smile/happy without effort; And cherish the blessings around you!




Heart of Summer

I am all about summertime, everything is so much more relaxed and days go by easy. Although, I am not a big fan of this heat wave we have going on, I make due. I have always been a person that gravitates to the colors red, white, and blue. I love pairing those colors together […]

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