Heart of Summer

I am all about summertime, everything is so much more relaxed and days go by easy. Although, I am not a big fan of this heat wave we have going on, I make due. I have always been a person that gravitates to the colors red, white, and blue. I love pairing those colors together for some reason. Some may say that I am patriotic (true) but I genuinely love the way the three colors flow together.

I must admit that I am in love with this outfit post, I consider these photos to be such an accurate representation of me. I have been working on quality of photo since I started the blog because I feel that its a key component to what makes a good blog. My boyfriend and I have certainly made our camera oopsies thus far, but were getting the hang of it. I am so grateful that I have someone so willing to do the boyfriend-duty of being my camera man. He’s the best!


In this post I am wearing a Lilly Pulitzer Mila Shift, I am pretty sure the print is “get spotted” in white. I paired it with a Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody in Coral which is still available online. I carry a ton of stuff in my bag at all times, I am one of those people who is so anxious that she is always prepared for any emergency thrown her way. For me to be in love with a crossbody says so much. It is so worth the buy, It fits more than most, and I am obsessed with the colors. I even got one for my little for her birthday, (and disclosure on my little, Lacey: she absolutely does not use bags of any sort. She is the type that carries her phone, keys, and wallet and thats, that.) She actually uses it too! Anyway, it is definitely something I would recommend having in your closet. Perfect for a night out with friends or paired with a cute sun-dress. For my shoes, I am wearing navy gingham Espadrille Wedges from J. Crew Factory. (Hint: they’re on sale now!) Lastly, you know me, I can’t go anywhere without my Ray Bans.

Now I usually don’t get into accessories very often but Tory Burch is having their summer sale, but hurry because its almost overwith. In this post, I paired my outfit with some Tory and Michael Kors accessories. I am wearing the signature Tory Burch Stud earrings as well as a Tory bangle and one of my Michael Kors Bradshaw watches. All in gold to match the gold hardware on the bag, but I am always a fan of mixing Silver, Gold, and Rosegold too!




Check out Lilly’s Summer 16′ White Dress Collection Here!

Crossbody | Wedges | Sunnies


Prepster Ange



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