The Sunday of Summer

IMG_2979The end of August is almost always my favorite part of the summer. Things get sort of quiet for a moment before the hustle and bustle of real life picks back up again as September starts. I have had quite the summer to say the least. A lot of time to sit and reflect upon my life and the relationships I have with people in it. I have learned so much about myself and the things I want moving forward as fall and winter rears its beautiful head. And I can not wait to get back to school.

This summer especially has been some what tricky when deciding what to wear. There have been plenty of times when I didn’t reach for the intricate outfit I would have preferred to wear because the heat and humidity levels were just too killer. It has finally started to cool down a bit and it is finally feeling like a normal summer on the east coast once again.  I live for the days that start out as brisk mornings, turn into hot days, and cooler evenings. It always reminds me of the times spent in Cape May with my family during summer’s past. I have never realized how much I genuinely enjoy wearing pants before going without them for about three months in counting now lol.


I took these photos last week on one of the cooler late afternoons we had. I am almost always chilly once the sun starts to go down so it was fun to break out one of my Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popovers. I had realized that it had been ages since I wore a pair of leggings so I threw on a navy pair and spent some time outside playing in the grass with my love. (disclosure: I hate grass but I didn’t care, it was the perfect weather.) I paired my outfit with some sunnies and jacks! It was the perfect casual but cute outfit that kept you warm in the wind.


Nick and I testing the lighting LOL…


Last week was also an exciting one because of the Lilly Pulitzer APS! Since I no longer work at Lilly, you bet I went to town! Unfortunately for me, my orders are STILL processing (crying) but I can not wait to show you what I picked up at the sale!

Here is one thing that came home with me after popping in to my local Lilly Pulitzer store to see if there was anything I missed online. Cutest purchase by far!




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