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School is back in full swing and I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and catch a minute to myself. I am trying to adjust to my new schedule, going back and forth to school and work can be very exhausting. This semester, for me, is all about new beginnings. Not that I don’t love the old way of things but I am really making it a point to branch out, network, and meet new people during the new school year. It is FINALLY my last year of college and though I am excited to enter into full adulthood, I wanna make the most out of the opportunities college brings me till the very end.

Even though I have not had a second to breathe lately doesn’t mean I have been slacking in the outfit department what so ever. I try not to dress down at school, I feel that having a long day is hard enough as it is, its best to keep morale up in as many little ways as possible to help brighten even the darkest of days. I have still been dressing for summer because the weather won’t really cool down but there have been some brisk days here and there that let me try out some of my multi-seasonal outfits.

I love this outfit personally. I feel like it screams who I am and what I dress like for the other three seasons of the year when I don’t wear as much Lilly. Plus, I LOVE stripes. In the summers, I literally wear Lilly Pulitzer every single day…and not that I could ever get sick of Lilly, but I am craving some black and navy clothing in my life again.

Today, as I was wearing this outfit I was thinking of ways that I could share my everyday style with you guys throughout my week. This way I can give you guys that extra little ounce of inspiration you may be looking for as you plan your outfits. I have decided that I can take a picture everyday of what I wear and formulate a weekly post sharing the week’s outfits with everyone! Between everything on my plate at the moment its hard to post as much as I would like to honestly. This way I can give myself an anchor post that I know will go up at least once a week!

Today was still kind of warm, in the low 80s. I think my mentality is just in fall already so I was a little cold as the sun started to set but this outfit was perfect for both warm and cold. I needed a navy top to wear to my first day of work while I waited for my uniform to arrive so I popped in to J. Crew Factory to see what they had and came across these cotton sweater shells and cardigans . I picked up the navy and thought it would be perfect with my navy jackie cardigan from J. Crew. On my way out I saw stripes and immediately turned back to take a second look. I needed the set, it was something I decided I couldn’t live without lol. It was very affordable too, the outlet always has great deals!

For the warm weather I wore it with cream colored day-boat shorts from vineyard vines. I found Sperrys more appropriate than jacks because I am still trying to make that fall-transition. For most of the day I tied the sweater around my shoulders and as soon as it started to cool down a bit I just threw in on.

Outfit details below:





Cardigan | Shell | Shorts (Similar) | Boat Shoe | Ray Bans

Me and my camera man, thanks for taking all my annoying pictures<3


I would love to hear about your favorite pieces for in-between summer and fall, feel free to comment below!


Prepster Ange



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