Why Alpha Phi Omega!

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This past year has shown me a lot about life and the people that I want to surround myself with. I have done a lot of changing and distancing myself from people who I feel I have outgrown for whatever reason. I am not fearful or ashamed of my decisions as I know they are the best ones for me and for the positive life I would like to lead.

For those of you who don’t know what Alpha Phi Omega is, its a co-educational national service fraternity with chapters all across the country and even in other parts of the world. It is certainly an honor to be apart of. During this whole process over the past semester, so many people across the board asked me why I decided to join this organization. When asked that question I couldn’t ever formulate a brief sentence or two that could sum up the reasons why.

A lot of it has to do with the group of people that are apart of the organization on my college campus. Their energy is contagious. In fall 2015, I was curious and interested in finding out what this organization was about. I am already a part of greek life on my campus as well but I never really understood the difference between a sorority and a professional fraternity. They’re completely different councils but roughly outline the same goals. Anyway, I saw this great group of people, both boys and girls that seemed so normal and fun. What I mean by normal is genuine and nice people, not cliquey, and inclusive to everyone. That was a key factor to what initially drew me to this crew. At first, I was discouraged by the friends I kept in my life at the time. Learning now that they must have felt threatened by my decision to branch out and meet new people. And any friends who discourage you in my opinion are no real friends to begin with.

I am a little older to still be in college, I’m 23 going on 24 in just a few short months and I have definitely had a lot of growth happen throughout my time in college thus far. I like who I have become. I have become someone who respects everyone regardless of what ever circumstances have happened. I don’t consider myself one to hold grudges or hate in my heart against those who have wronged me and I have grown enough to know that its okay to outgrow some people. I treat my friends like family but am carful these days about who I spend my time with.

Alpha Phi Omega and the people I now call my new brothers are the people that I choose to spend my time with. I want to serve my community and create new experiences centered around doing service. But there is a saying that I have learned and to me it holds true: “you join for the service, you stay for the fellowship, and you gain leadership.” These three components make for a beautiful way to spend your time. For those who don’t know what fellowship is, its gathering with friends and bonding with one another.

In honor of thanksgiving yesterday, I am grateful for all my new brothers who I know care about me and will always have my best interests at heart. I can not wait to create new memories with them while giving back to those around us. I have finally found my new family at school. I couldn’t be happier


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I got my jacket from SomethingGreek, I will be sure to link the details down below! It is a great way to wear your organization with pride, plus its customizable too! Check out the company for other ways to wear your greek organization.

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