2016 Year in Review

I remember at the end of 2015 as my family and I got so excited for the year to end. We had gone through hardships for much of the year and the new beginning that comes each year was the only thing keeping us positive. “2016 is gonna be our year!” we all hoped. Boy…were we wrong. The year from start to finish has been for the most part, a painful extension of 2015 but I have to believe that there’s some sort of silver lining through all of this. The beauty of life is almost always in conquering hardships. Between my mom’s health, and a death that altered the entirety of our family dynamic the stress has certainly taken a toll on everyone during the course of the year. And here we’ve come full circle at the end of 2016, praying that 2017 is going to be a good one.

This time of year, you always see people reminiscing on the good, bad, happy and sad of the past 365 days. Everyone looks for the next year to bring them more of life’s surprises. They use this time to reflect, set goals, and put changes in place in order to better themselves. I really admire everyone who hangs on to the notion of a new beginning. It means you’re eager to keep going no matter what storm has come through your life, in the past. There’s certainly something to be said about the power of positivity. Over the past year one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to be grateful for every situation in life because everything you encounter throughout your journey teaches you something about yourself and the world around you. If you practice thankfulness, you’ll learn how to be able to see the silver lining in every situation.

So, instead of wishing this past year good riddance, I want to thank 2016 for pushing and challenging me. Over the past year, I have learned so much about who I am and the things I want out of life. But the biggest gift that I could’ve received is the strength myself, and everyone I love has shown through their personal hardships and the beauty of continuing on to let the world know that “2017 is going to be our year!”

I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! As I know so many around me have also had a rough year, may you be able to see the silver lining of it all and continue to look forward to the endless possibilities the future holds.


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A Winter that Feels like Fall

I have been mentally preparing myself for the cold to finally hit us. We had a bit of snow the week before Christmas which had me a little excited but it melted fast and it was another warm Christmas for us, here in New Jersey. I wasn’t exactly complaining but I am itching to wear my big, bulky sweaters already.

This year it felt that December came so fast, I can’t believe there’s only just a few more days before 2017 arrives. I am so glad that Christmas is over with but I must say I’ll miss it very much. This year I spent the holidays with my boyfriend which was very nice. Christmas eve, my big, Italian family gets together for an ugly sweater party while we eat our seven-fish dinner and open presents from Santa. They have this tradition going that if its your first Christmas spent with us you have to be the one to dress up and play Santa Clause. Nick rose to the occasion and I was a very impressed Mrs. Clause. The night was such a blast. I always look forward to it! Christmas day was spent with Nick’s family which was a beautiful day, his little cousin’s are the cutest! I was extremely grateful to spend time with everyone. I love getting to see them.

Now that the Holiday’s are over I am having a nice week just relaxing. I feel like its been so long since I have had no obligations and it feels so great! I am a little on the antsy side so I have been looking for things to organize throughout the house. It always feels refreshing to start clean and neat for the new year. I recently re-organized my closet after watching hours upon hours of youtube videos for some great ideas and it has been a game changer! I reach for things that were hidden prior and I have an easier time picking out all my different layers for each outfit.

I am obsessed with plaid (I am currently wrapped in a plaid blanket while writing this post lol) and the weather was beautiful out so I reached for a plaid button-down and paired it with my J.Crew field jacket. I wore the outfit with jeans (what else is new lol) and these cute winter boots I found this season at Target!

I feel like target has become my new favorite place. Their stuff for winter has been so cute and the quality is amazing! They just got a target in a neighboring town to mine and I’m like a regular customer already lol. I never understood what a target obsession was before they opened one by my house! Let me just say, the obsession is real.

I really hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their family and friends! I would love to hear all about it so feel free to leave some comments down below about what you did over the weekend.

Here’s a photo from Nick and I during our Christmas celebrations!

Outfit Details:

Field Jacket (sold out) | Plaid Popover (sold out) | Similar Button-down | Jeans | Necklace | Headband | Sherpa Boots


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Fantastic Fair Isle Sweater

I Just handed in my last paper for the semester an hour ago and I am finally free! The first thing I decided to do is play catch up on here. Believe me, I would’ve rather been creating blog content than finishing a bunch of final papers all week but it is finally over with and I can’t start my winter break…which ends for me tomorrow as I begin my winter class LOL.

Anyway, I have been obsessed with this fair isle sweater from the Men’s section at Target. I know, right? I don’t know why I never thought to shop men’s ever before but now that I have discovered some of their cute, could pass for women’s pieces I have been looking for all the hidden gems.

Something new for me is not buying sweaters that need to be dry cleaned. I found that when I was spending money on these fancy sweaters at J.Crew I was never wearing them because I didn’t want to send them out to be dry cleaned. I find it to be a process at this point in time to dry clean items in my closet, plus its definitely an expense as women’s clothing is much more expensive to dry clean than men’s. This year I have been looking to get my sweaters from places like Target, Old Navy, Gap, and some J.Crew Factory one’s that are cotton. I just reach for them more so I find its been working for me.

I paired the sweater which is my three favorite colors, navy, white, and red with a burnt orange puffer vest from J.Crew. I loved the way the sweater paired with the vest. I have already worn this outfit multiple times in the past month. It is one of my favorites this season for sure!

This outfit is so easy and versatile. You could wear it with skinny jeans and boots or even leggings. Plus the sweater is so cozy! I love the look altogether.

Details below!

I am so excited to have a month to really focus on my blog, I have been itching to get things going on here so now I have some time to learn some new things in order to grow!

I hope you all are as excited for the holidays as I am this year! I would love to hear what everyone is up to over the weekend, comment below and share.


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Tis the Season for Holiday Looks!

Hello Everyone! I hope you guys are having a great week thus far. I am just entering into the finals portion of the semester. I couldn’t be happier and I couldn’t be more stressed. Taking photos for this week’s blog post was honestly a nice study break/stress reliever. I got myself a tripod for the moments when Nick is too busy to go on a shoot and I looked a bit ridiculous but overall it was a nice learning experience for me! My dad walked outside to go to work that morning and was like “uh, what are you doing?!” and laughed at me but it was all in good fun!

I love everything about this outfit, It is about to get super cold outside so I am finding every excuse to wear a skirt before its too late. I typically don’t reach for tights, I just find them uncomfortable so I don’t typically end up wearing skirts when it gets to a certain point in the season. Yesterday was a little on the warmer side, I got lucky!

I layered a gingham button down shirt with a holiday red sweater from J.Crew. I paired it with a plain navy skirt from express. I was able to keep my legs warm by wearing knee socks under my riding boots. I loved the look, its perfect for the holidays! Stores still have so many deals going on currently so if you’re contemplating something, my advice is get it now and decide on it later. I have had so much fun shopping and wrapping for everyone. Under the Christmas Tree looks adorable!

I wore very simple accessories for this post. I have been on the hunt for the perfect size pearl earrings to fit my ear. I have a really small pair and a really big pair but felt that a medium size pair was what I was really looking for. I found cute ones at Talbots, so far I am loving them. They also have three different sizes on the Kiel James Patrick website. I got my necklace a while back when their new pearlfection collection came out and I wear it everyday. It is so simple yet so elegant. The entire collections is absolutely stunning. I also threw on a cute velvet headband that I got from ginamadeit, its a company in New York City that makes cute, eco-friendly ,hair pieces. They also have bows, i’m obsessed!

Velvet Headband | Pearl Earrings | Necklace | Sweater (Similar) | Gingham Button-Down | Skirt | Riding Boots

I hope you all are having a wonderful end to the year, I would love to hear what everyone is up to this holiday season. Leave a comment below or send me an email at This tends to be my favorite time of year. I just feel the positivity in the air, its so beautiful!


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Old Navy Goodies

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

December is the busiest month for a college student in my opinion. Wrapping things up at school is leaving me quite exhausted. This outfit is perfect for those days when you are feeling extra tired but still want to look some what decent. I broke my rule about not wearing lounge pants out of the house but I couldn’t help myself. I looked and felt like Christmas!

Old Navy has some hidden gems this season. I stopped in to look at a fisherman sweater I saw in the window and I had a nice look around. I was very pleased with what I found. These pajama pants are on super sale for the holidays. They are currently having an up to 60% off the whole store at Old Navy and the pants are only $7. I got two Christmas plaid styles that I have been loving them!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

It is so easy to feel cozy in a pair of these sleep pants and a long-sleeve tee. This is going to be a prime lounging outfit for me over the course of this winter. Not to mention they’re a perfect gift option for the entire family. I decided to pair my lounge pants with a sweater as I had a class to attend this past Friday. I felt so cozy and I got multiple complements throughout the day on how comfortable I looked. I opted for a fisherman sweater to make the look a little more appropriate for being out and about throughout the day. I paired it with a statement necklace, scarf, plus uggs, I was so warm!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

I really like this fisherman sweater I got from Old Navy, I picked up a few colors as I am always looking for the perfect sweater to layer with. Its hard to find good quality ones that aren’t so easily ruined once put in the wash but I stand by this one. Its easy to take care of /clean. Its roomy enough to stick a button down underneath and its super affordable. Old Navy has outdone themselves this season.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

fisherman sweater | PJ pants | rayne necklace | ugg boots


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Tis’ The Holiday Season

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The holiday season is officially upon us and I could not be more excited to finally say its December 1st!! I have had quite the week between catching up with family over thanksgiving break to my mac’s hard drive crashing in the middle of Black Friday weekend. I have been out of sorts without my laptop but it was delivered to me yesterday and I have been playing catch up ever since.

Now just because Black Friday is over certainly doesn’t mean that the deals are long gone. This month will be jam-packed with sales to get the holiday shopper everything they need on their gift-giving list. I am for the most part done with my own gift shopping but this year I will be taking on my mom’s shopping and I am kind of excited to be able to pick out everyone in my family’s gifts! I have already been wrapping as things start to arrive and under the tree is finally starting to come to life.

Since I had to make my way to a mall over the course of the weekend to visit the apple store I obviously had to stop in J.Crew since they were having their first ever 40% the entire store sale. Having worked for the company before I know just how big of a deal this is! Factory has sales all the time but retail, this was a beautiful first that I could not miss.

I saw this Fair Isle Scarf and I new I couldn’t pass it up especially considering the price. Its the perfect way to add to a simple running-errands/everyday outfit. Plus, its so festive. I am a sucker for anything fair isle, It reminds me of all things winter wonderland. I am a winter baby and over the years I have learned that I actually prefer fall and winter to spring and summer. There is a saying that depending on when you’re born throughout the year determines which seasons you enjoy the most and the saying certainly fits, in my case.

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Since I was just running around with Nick for the day I wore a white fisherman sweater that I got a while back from J.Crew Factory, its a great timeless piece that will never go out of style. I wore it with black jeans, and a pair of Michael Kors riding boots. I find that I opt for black jeans before leggings if I am not lounging around for the day because it really makes the look feel put together. I used to love leggings when I was younger and don’t get me wrong, I still love them so much but theres something about a sweater with jeans that just looks so nice and presentable. I decided to mix it up with the boots too, I wore my black boots with a brown trim. This made it so I was able to break up the black throughout the leg. It was the smallest touch to the outfit but made a world of difference.

I also got this little bow, pony-tail, holder as I was looking through J.Crew. I thought it was not only perfect for me because I love bows but definitely something appropriate for the holidays. They had all different kinds solid/patterned and their price point before the sale was only $12.50. I had Nick help me pick one because I just couldn’t decide. We went with red and I love it. It really makes pulling your hair back super cute. I can’t wait to try it on with a top-bun!

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Outfit Details:

Sweater (Similar) | Black Jeans | Fair Isle Scarf | Bow is Sold Out Online | Boots | Sunnies

Processed with VSCO with q3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Lastly, here’s a few sales still going on at my favorite places! Happy Shopping, J.

J.Crew : 30% off select styles plus an extra 40% off sale styles with code MERRYSALE

J.Crew Factory : 50-60% off everything in store plus an extra 40% off clearance items with code FALALASALE

GAP : 40% off your purchase with code UPDATE, plus GAPCASH starts today till 12/5!

OLD NAVY : Promos throughout the store up to 50% off, 25% off online with code DEAL, plus using your supercash starts today!!

TARGET : 30% off cold weather gear with code DEAL

LOFT : Sweaters are $30 and under!

Michael Kors : 30% off handbags and wallets now through 12/8

L.L. Bean : $10 gift card with a purchase of $50 or more


Let me know if there is any other holiday-related posts that you would like to see in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe via email to receive post-updates!


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