Fantastic Fair Isle Sweater

I Just handed in my last paper for the semester an hour ago and I am finally free! The first thing I decided to do is play catch up on here. Believe me, I would’ve rather been creating blog content than finishing a bunch of final papers all week but it is finally over with and I can’t start my winter break…which ends for me tomorrow as I begin my winter class LOL.

Anyway, I have been obsessed with this fair isle sweater from the Men’s section at Target. I know, right? I don’t know why I never thought to shop men’s ever before but now that I have discovered some of their cute, could pass for women’s pieces I have been looking for all the hidden gems.

Something new for me is not buying sweaters that need to be dry cleaned. I found that when I was spending money on these fancy sweaters at J.Crew I was never wearing them because I didn’t want to send them out to be dry cleaned. I find it to be a process at this point in time to dry clean items in my closet, plus its definitely an expense as women’s clothing is much more expensive to dry clean than men’s. This year I have been looking to get my sweaters from places like Target, Old Navy, Gap, and some J.Crew Factory one’s that are cotton. I just reach for them more so I find its been working for me.

I paired the sweater which is my three favorite colors, navy, white, and red with a burnt orange puffer vest from J.Crew. I loved the way the sweater paired with the vest. I have already worn this outfit multiple times in the past month. It is one of my favorites this season for sure!

This outfit is so easy and versatile. You could wear it with skinny jeans and boots or even leggings. Plus the sweater is so cozy! I love the look altogether.

Details below!

I am so excited to have a month to really focus on my blog, I have been itching to get things going on here so now I have some time to learn some new things in order to grow!

I hope you all are as excited for the holidays as I am this year! I would love to hear what everyone is up to over the weekend, comment below and share.


Prepster Ange



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