YSL Beauty’s “The Shock” Mascara

I just want to start off by thanking Influenster and YvesSaintLaurent Beauty for sending me the “Le Shock” Mascara complimentary for test and review. I got this product around 3-4 weeks ago and I can not imagine my lashes without it now. I use it everyday. I love the formula and the way it feels on your lashes. It feels sturdy, like the mascara isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It even held up extremely well during my cry-fest yesterday lol! Barely any smudging at all.

I am constantly watching youtube, and reading reviews on different make up products along with the looks you can create with them. I definitely wouldn’t call myself an expert at make up what so ever (that would be my sister); but I consider myself pretty good at doing my own. That being said I am up-to-date with all the hype around certain products and this mascara deserves more attention. Its a newer product but I found it even better than the “Better than Sex” mascara by TooFaced. I feel like that statement in itself says something. “The Shock” mascara is an amazing product that I would definitely purchase it again in the future.

I am somewhat particular with the products that I use. I “graduated” from drug store make-up towards the end of high school but have learned that with the right research you can find hidden gems at your local CVS or Ulta. Now, there are some products that I just won’t buy at the drug store but mascara is not one of them. I love Maybelline’s mascaras and I consider myself really picky with my mascara. Something that is important to me is the no-clump aspect of the product. A product that elongates and gives volume to your lashes is nothing special if it clumps up and makes your lashes look unnatural. I found that this product does all three. It provides volume, lengthens, and DOESN’T clump! This is seriously a hidden gem. You don’t even have to reapply throughout the day, I actually recommend that you don’t touch it up.

I spent days trying to take photos using this product. I had a vision in my head and the pictures just weren’t coming out as good as I’d hoped. That being said, I reapplied the mascara a lot while taking these photos and you could tell it didn’t need more than one coat. I had a tough time removing the excess product at the end of the day as well. This is extremely long-lasting. Perfect for long-days filled with work plus plans after work!

I think it’s the perfect gift to get your make-up lover something small for Valentine’s Day! With a great price point at only $29 how could you go wrong? Check it out below!


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