YSL Beauty’s “The Shock” Mascara

I just want to start off by thanking Influenster and YvesSaintLaurent Beauty for sending me the “Le Shock” Mascara complimentary for test and review. I got this product around 3-4 weeks ago and I can not imagine my lashes without it now. I use it everyday. I love the formula and the way it feels on your lashes. It feels sturdy, like the mascara isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It even held up extremely well during my cry-fest yesterday lol! Barely any smudging at all.

I am constantly watching youtube, and reading reviews on different make up products along with the looks you can create with them. I definitely wouldn’t call myself an expert at make up what so ever (that would be my sister); but I consider myself pretty good at doing my own. That being said I am up-to-date with all the hype around certain products and this mascara deserves more attention. Its a newer product but I found it even better than the “Better than Sex” mascara by TooFaced. I feel like that statement in itself says something. “The Shock” mascara is an amazing product that I would definitely purchase it again in the future.

I am somewhat particular with the products that I use. I “graduated” from drug store make-up towards the end of high school but have learned that with the right research you can find hidden gems at your local CVS or Ulta. Now, there are some products that I just won’t buy at the drug store but mascara is not one of them. I love Maybelline’s mascaras and I consider myself really picky with my mascara. Something that is important to me is the no-clump aspect of the product. A product that elongates and gives volume to your lashes is nothing special if it clumps up and makes your lashes look unnatural. I found that this product does all three. It provides volume, lengthens, and DOESN’T clump! This is seriously a hidden gem. You don’t even have to reapply throughout the day, I actually recommend that you don’t touch it up.

I spent days trying to take photos using this product. I had a vision in my head and the pictures just weren’t coming out as good as I’d hoped. That being said, I reapplied the mascara a lot while taking these photos and you could tell it didn’t need more than one coat. I had a tough time removing the excess product at the end of the day as well. This is extremely long-lasting. Perfect for long-days filled with work plus plans after work!

I think it’s the perfect gift to get your make-up lover something small for Valentine’s Day! With a great price point at only $29 how could you go wrong? Check it out below!


A Trendy Layering Tip

So random fact about me is that I love the idea of turtlenecks. I know, I know, what a soccer mom, right? LOL anyway, I just love the cute ways you can layer them. I don’t really ever wear them so I am making it a point to try out some cute outfits with the ones I already own this season. I think they look awesome when paired with a puffer vest, jeans, and riding boots but I have recently seen them layered under a sweater or a button-down and I am loving the look. You can choose any color to coordinate with your layering piece to give it that nice pop of solid color. You can even use it as a starting point when trying to mix different patterns with one another. For example, plaid and stripes. The look allows you to get creative. I think this is something I will definitely start reaching for more often. It gives you that added layer without necessarily making you super hot if you’re spending most of your day indoors. I have on a J.Crew tissue turtle neck so its nice and light, perfect for layering. They even have some colors on sale right now so be sure to grab them before they’re gone!

This outfit was super easy and it wasn’t bulky at all. I was very comfortable throughout the day. You can even go the extra mile and add more layers. The weather was on the nicer side that day so I paired it with a vest for a touch of warmth but it genuinely didn’t need it. The outfit was great on its own.

Winter Whites

It feels like forever since I have had the opportunity to sit down and blog. I have been so busy moving into college to spend my last semester with some friends that I haven’t had time to do anything. I will post a dorm tour on the blog soon in case you’re looking for some inspiration to create or readjust things around your room. I LOVE how it turned out.

For some reason once the beginning of the year hits I always feel refreshed and ready to start adding bright and light touches to my outfits in preparation for spring. I think that now is the perfect time to break out your winter whites. I know some people are on the fence about wearing white after Labor Day as it’s some unspoken fashion rule but with the way trends are today, there are no rules anymore.

I got this sweater last season at Banana Republic but I will link a cute option they have for this season down below. You really can wear this outfit with any white sweater, it’s the splash of color from the boots that make the outfit pop. I chose my red hunter boots to give it a more wintery look but dark brown boots/black riding boots would make this outfit so chic. The outfit is so simple and versatile, you can make it work for any season! All you need to do is pair any white or off-white top with white/off-white bottoms, choose any color shoes and you’re good to go! You can wear something like this if you’re going about your casual day activities, or even going out at night with some friends. There are so many different ways to wear this outfit you can tailor it to fit your needs.

You may have noticed that the site looks a little different. I wanted some cute, new touches to make it feel more like me! I worked with Julie from a company called Northwell Creative to design the perfect added touches to the blog! I love how they turned out. If you are looking to work with her I will link her contact website down below. Check her out on Instagram as well to see some of her work!

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Outfit Details:

Gingham is My Staple

I must say that I really enjoyed taking these photos for the blog. I got to pose in front of my boyfriend’s truck and it was so much fun. I loved the look of everything, it screamed winter with snow on the ground. I was freezing but it was well worth it. I am beginning to discover what bloggers have to endure in order to get the shot. Hence, why my hands stay kept in my pockets in most if not all of these pictures.

One piece that did keep me warm was my beanie from Love Your Melon. I love the company’s cause so much I couldn’t resist getting myself something. 50% of the proceeds are donated to help fight against pediatric cancer. I find it so inspirational. I am not one who usually wears a beanie but I love the quality of this one so much. It looks so cute. The pom-pom at the top actually detaches if you like. Funny story: I thought I accidentally had broken it when the pom fell off once but then I noticed it was detachable and was like ‘phew.’ I would’ve been so upset if I ruined it.

If a pattern had to be a staple of mine, i’d say it’d be gingham. Behind stripes of course. I was packing for my last semester of college the other day and I noticed that like all my long-sleeve tees were solid or striped, it’s like you’d think I was Waldo or something. Anyway, its a tie between stripes and gingham, but gingham has a special place in my heart. It’s so neutral and timeless and y’all know I love pieces that seem as though they never go out of style. My version of the puffer vest is from last season at J.Crew Factory and this season’s is sold out online so if you come across it at your local J.Crew, grab it!!

Another thing I have been loving lately is my hunter boots. I have been switching on and off between red and navy everyday. But I will say that my toes nearly fell off while taking pictures for this post because it was so cold out and the rubber makes the cold worse so I really need to invest in a pair of Hunter Boot Socks. I am trying to decide which color would be the best one to get.

I hope you guys enjoyed the snow for the little time we had some! I just wanted to let you know that I am going to try my best to stick to new schedule of posting three times a week throughout the semester but I have been so busy this week and next, so bear with me! I have a lot of new stuff coming soon and I am so excited to share it with all of you. Hope you have a great weekend!

Stay Preppy,

Prepster Ange

Necklace: KJP

A Timeless Plaid

This week has certainly been an overwhelming one and it’s only Tuesday.  Just to give you a little bit of context to what my  life is currently like, i’m drowning in homework as its the last week of my winter class, I have to pack and move in to college this weekend as I just found out I am living with my friends for my final semester (I have nothing started) and of course I have some personal stuff going on top of it all. I just woke up from a nap because the amount of homework I had today completely wore me out. I am almost thankful I don’t have a job right now because there is no way I would be able to get anything done for this class if I had any other commitments. Don’t you hate professors like that? I must say it’s really taking away from the value of actually learning the material.

On a more exciting note, I have finally been taking some steps to improve my blog! I am so excited to share with you some new things I have going on in the upcoming weeks. I love watching it all fall into place. It is so overwhelming how much things have grown and changed within just the past few weeks, but its in the best way possible. What a beautiful start to 2017 thus far, I am extremely grateful for all of these opportunities.

One of the things that I strive for while shopping is to choose pieces very carefully as I love a more timeless, put-together look. It’s more practical, in my opinion, because trends are constantly changing. As soon as this coat came out a few months ago I new it was perfect. I had been into J.Crew multiple times to try it on to decide if this was something I wanted to invest in and one thing about J.Crew that is a ‘must know’ is that they have great sales. If you love something, but don’t believe in spending an arm and a leg for it, keep your eye on it because it will go on sale. It’s one of the best shopping secrets I learned while working for J.Crew a few years ago.

Ever since I got this coat I have been living in it. It’s beautiful and so me. The perfect, timeless, plaid piece that will never go out of trend. People always tell me that I look like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl *insert headband here* and I feel like this is something Blair would own in her closet. The coat dresses up any outfit. It’s so chic! I wore it with Hunter rain boots and it made the rain boots look so elegant. You can even throw the coat on with something as simple as Uggs, black leggings, and a tee and you’d still look good.

I am interested in broadening  my content in the upcoming weeks so If there is something you’d like to see on the blog let me know!!

Stay Preppy,

Prepster Ange


Feeling Adventurous

I swear, this outfit makes me want to go on an adventure. I am ready for anything that comes my way as long as I got my Hunter rain boots and my L.L.Bean Quarter Zip. For Christmas, (I think I have mentioned this before) my family does a family-wide grab bag. My cousin, Victoria had me and got me a super cute pandora charm for my bracelet and and L.L. Bean gift card (my favorite place)! Thanks Tori if you’re reading. I LOVE it!

Nick and his older brother, Mike also got L.L Bean gift cards for Christmas so the three of us went shopping together to pick out some goodies. Nick got some new work boots and Mike got an All-Season 3-in-1 Jacket and  this Flannel-lined Shirt Jacket. Everyone was super happy with their new stuff. I seriously could stay in that store forever, I love everything so much. Everything you get is such great quality, it’ll last you a lifetime. We are very lucky to be able to have a store so close by!

For this outfit I layered my sweater with a gingham flannel from J.Crew underneath. I loved the look of it mixed with the color-block on the pullover. The combination went well together. I wore it with Jeans and my navy matte Hunter boots. No Jacket needed and it was pretty chilly out that day. I was so warm!

I love these pullovers, I have a few already and I love them so when I saw the color-block, I new I would get a lot of use out of it. It is a men’s pullover but they have unisex sizing. I held a women’s small up against a men’s and there wasn’t much of a difference, if any at all, so I went for it!

Hope you have a great weekend! See you Monday!


Prepster Ange

Cheers to 2017!!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday! I am having a slow start to 2017, I think the holiday’s just completely wore me out. It was so nice getting to spend my new years with friends and family by my side. I enjoyed the nice break from reality. Now I am just trying to get back into the swing of things.

On New Years Eve, my friend Rosie from Blonde Rosie came up to spend the night with me and my family. We had such a blast doing a photo shoot outside before midnight!

I wore a wool skirt from a few seasons ago, from J.Crew. It’s unavailable at this point so I will link a similar one down below. It was surprisingly not that cold so I was able to get away with not wearing stockings. Weird fact about me: stockings give me the chills, I love them, they’re adorable, but they genuinely are like nails on a chalkboard for me. I’ll still wear them obviously, but like chills, palms sweaty, the whole deal. I was so glad it was warm enough that I didn’t have to wear them. Anyway, I paired riding boots with my skirt and layered up with a blue button-down from J.Crew and a Simple black sweater that I got from Target! I couldn’t believe that on December 31st, living just outside of New York City, I was wearing a skirt, but I was not complaining!

I have been thinking a lot about some goals to set for myself for the upcoming year. However, I don’t want to be one of those people who goes above and beyond setting goals just to not follow through with them come February. I think its important to constantly make little changes to your lifestyle and overtime fix the things you may not like about yourself/other people may not like about you. Life is constantly changing therefore, you should change along with it. This year I came up with some great goals for myself that I am sure I will be able to accomplish!

  1.  Grow my blog. Prepster Ange has become by child. I absolutely love what I do and I am beginning to really see the potential this blog could have if I continue to work at it and improve. This year I will begin to dedicate more time growing this blog which in turn, will help me continue to grow and find who I am.
  2. Work out. This is something that I have not been able to stick to in the past and I think its because I jumped straight into trying to work out once a day or multiple times a week, and as a result, it was easy to give up on this goal. This year I will take the same goal but just approach it differently. I would like to dedicate time to working out once a week. I don’t really know what I am doing yet so this gives me some time to feel everything out and learn. Eventually working my way up to twice a week once I feel more comfortable. Something I do love is yoga, It keeps me sane but I don’t do it as much. Its not like I don’t have means to do yoga either, I have yoga all around me at school and classes at my gym, its time to utilize that in 2017!
  3. Take one adventure per month. I get so wrapped up in my obligations that I hardly go out and do fun things. Most of my Friday and Saturday nights are spent at home with Nick. (We don’t hate it, we actually prefer it.) Most of the time we are both exhausted and just end up sleeping.  But this year, that’s going to change. Even if the adventure is as little as going to the bar with some friends one night, still gets me (and him) out of the house. Taking a weekend or day trip, or going to do a fun activity once a month keeps me from falling into that pattern of not doing much. I want at least one thing each month that I can look back at and remember.

I would love to hear some of your goals for the new year! You can comment down below or always email me! Let me know if theres something you’d like to see here on the blog in 2017!!




A Splash of Red in New York City!

Before the new year I packed up some family in the car and headed to New York City to see the Christmas tree before its taken down for the season. Now, I may only live fifteen minutes from the city but I love the Christmas decorations just as much as the next person. What can I say? It’s my favorite time of year.

I paired up with Talia B Photography to get some great shots in front of the tree and around the city. It was so cold and crowded with people but well worth it. There is something about Christmas-time in the city that just puts me in a good mood.  Once the shooting was done I popped into Starbucks for a well-deserved, WARM, vanilla latte. It was a great way to begin to draw a close to 2016.

I wore a white fisherman’s sweater which is my absolute favorite type of sweater. They’re great for layering and they’re so cozy/warm. I was going to layer under with a button-down and last minute decided I wouldn’t want to be too hot walking around but of course regretted that choice once I left the house. I wore my thick, J.Crew Vail, Parka coat. I am not that into parka’s honestly but this is about the only parka I’d wear. I LOVE it, I have been meaning to get one the past couple of seasons and finally went in to get it because the price was right. I wore the outfit with jeans and hunter boots. The final touch was a cute, Christmas-plaid scarf. If I had to pick a signature winter outfit that I reach for on a more day-to-day basis it would be this one. I think it screams my personality, a very timeless look with a splash of color!

Be sure to shop my outfit details down below!

If you’re looking to get your photos taken I’ll link all of Talia’s pages below, she does great work! I look forward to working with her again.

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