March Favorites

This weather has really put me behind schedule with shooting outfit posts so I decided to start a new series on here that shows you the things I am currently loving. Similar to those Monthly Favorites videos on youtube, minus the youtube lol! Products ranging from beauty, books, fashion, and more to get the word out about the things I am obsessing over right now. Also, let me know of different things you’d like to start seeing here on the blog because I am looking into different ways I can branch out from my typical outfit posts. I want to be sure to provide my readers with content they want to read about so all feedback is greatly appreciated!

  1. The Paper Store– Recently this company reached out to me to get me on board as their brand influencer for my area. I had heard of the company before but never really knew what they were about so I popped into my local paper store and my mind was blown. SO many different brands from Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, Life is Good, and more. It was seriously heaven. I couldn’t believe I had no idea this place was right in my backyard all this time. They carry much more than paper so don’t let the name fool you. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor, and much more. If you live in my area be sure to come check out the Ramsey, NJ location. The store is hosting an event this Thursday March, 16th from 6-9 pm filled with promotions and prizes so you can stock up on some essentials for spring and you bet i’ll be there, so come say hey!!
  2. THIS COAT!!!– I saw this rain jacket on Instagram and I am in love with it. The style is so timeless and I love the yellow detailing which gives the coat just a hint of color for spring. I am a sucker for stripes. I just love that nautical feel especially during the warmer months. The reviews are superb on their website so if you’re looking for a classic piece thats so fun I highly recommend this rain trench.
  3. Active Wear from Old Navy– Over the weekend Old Navy did 50% their active wear so you best believe I went to check it out. The pieces are so cute and comfortable and I just think the price point is perfect for those basics you’d need for everyday use. Plus the quality is great. Job well done, Old Navy! (P.S. its 40% off on the website now)
  4. I have been watching a lot of Whitney Simmons on youtube recently so I have been obsessed with learning about different workouts, different foods to fuel your body, different gear etc. I think her story is super inspiring and she’s so funny to watch! I highly recommend her channel if you’re looking for some new people to watch. Let me know who your favorite youtubers are, I am always looking for great content to discover!
  5. Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris– I have only just started this book and it already has me hooked. I am currently on spring break and am so grateful for the extra time to myself. I really enjoy reading but don’t get to read as much as I would like during the academic year so its nice to have a week to myself so I can engross in a good book. I am the type of person who could spend hours in a book store just reading about each book until I find the perfect one. Keep up with what I am reading on Goodreads. Lets be friends!

I hope you enjoyed the things I am loving this month, comment below or find me on Instagram to tell me the things you’re loving currently! I love finding out about all the different things that people enjoy.

Lastly, I just want to give a shout out to my cat, Alexa, she unfortunately passed away last week. She was so young, only 7 years old, and it was quite the shock for my family and I. If you have some time, say a little prayer for her up in heaven. I hope that whatever she’s doing up there, she’s safe, happy, and free from pain.



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