Pretty in Pink!

Sorry for the delay, one of my cats was very sick this week so I was running back and forth from work, school, and home to help out with everything. She is home safe and sound and is okay for now. Hopefully nothing changes.

I think I have mentioned how much I am really loving workout looks lately. When J.Crew launched their New Balance for J.Crew arrivals for the season I saw them and couldn’t resist. I LOVE the pink striped outfit so much. I didn’t get the matching pink New Balance sneakers because I wasn’t sure I had a lot to pair with them in my closet but how cute are these?! I went with a more neutral pair so I new I’d get good wear out of them. I love the color combo white and gold so when I saw the J.Crew x NB white and gold shoe, I went for it.

This look was so perfect for me. I love stripes but pink stripes made the outfit even better. There are a bunch of different ways to pair all the pieces in the New Balance for J.Crew collection. They have navy, gray, pink, and green pieces that make mix-and-matching so much fun!

I was a bit untraditional wearing just a sports bra and leggings but threw over a running jacket from Uniqlo so I can zip it up when necessary. I love their activewear, their AIRism line keeps you cool and its super affordable too. They have great basics, and their quality all around is amazing so you can get great pieces without having to spend an arm and a leg to complete your look. That place is seriously a hidden gem of mine.

The look was super girly and cute. I had so much fun shooting this outfit. It paired perfectly with my Lilly Pulitzer Swell Bottle in Resort Escape Floral. Everything screamed spring and summer and made me so excited for the seasons ahead.



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