Lobstah Roll With Lilly Pulitzer!

I had to pop on here to tell you that Lilly Pulitzer’s pop up print for the summer is Lobstah Roll. I couldn’t be more excited. As soon as I got the news I ran to my local Lilly store and picked up the Captain Popover. I wasn’t aware of Lilly when they had their most popular prints a while back so I have been so lucky to get such great luck finding items I love from their pop up prints collections throughout the past few years.

I instantly ran home to style an outfit with my new piece of Lilly. I paired the popover with my pink Lilly buttercup shorts (similar: here) and some pink and gold Jacks. Such a simple outfit yet SO much fun to wear!! I know this print is gonna go fast so be sure to check out the collection before its gone.

I am a firm believer in everything the company Lilly Pulitzer stands for. Most of my closet is Lilly because I was so blessed to get the opportunity to work there two years back. The colors just make every outfit look happy and fun. Winter or summer, Lilly is a staple in my closet.



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