Outfit Series: Transition Outfits For Fall

Something that used to be really hard for me was that in-between season’s weather. I made it a personal goal to learn how to master the art of transition outfits. Now, I am not one for rules so I think wearing white after Labor Day is a-okay but, once September hits my mindset changes and I am ready for my favorite season to emerge.

If you live in my area you know that this week its been warm and in the 80’s. I appreciate the warm weather sticking around but all I really want to do is throw on a cozy flannel and some jeans as we are well into September. Nick even suggested we go apple picking yesterday and I asked if we could wait till it was just a tiny bit chillier before we take part in that fall tradition. Its genuinely a confusing time of year, at least for me anyway.

Some tips I have for taking your closet along on this crazy journey with you are as follows:

Darken Your Color Scheme: Take for instance this dress that I just scored on sale from J.Crew Factory. Its a nice short-sleeve dress which is nice for end of summer weather but its black and white gingham pulling it into early fall. I personally wouldn’t wear this piece in the summer just because I am not a huge black-wearing person to begin with but with this official start date to fall being this Friday, I am going to get a lot of use out of this dress before it gets too chilly.

Tie the Look Together with a Fall Shoe: Pack away those flip-flops and your white jacks and opt for a closed-toe shoe instead. In the summer-time, my uniform is pretty much a dress and my jacks. For this transition into a new season trade out those jacks for a loafer or bootie instead. It gives the dress an entirely different look. Even as simple as leggings and a tee with flats as opposed to sandals gives your look a more fall vibe.

Layer: I can not stress this enough, layers are key when trying to make outfits that fit well with the season’s transition. Always bring a sweater with you, much of the time indoors is way colder than the outside weather anyway. Not to mention mornings and nights are often chiller as well. Having a layering piece with you makes you ready for any temperature the weather may throw at you.

The One Piece Short, One Piece Long Rule: This is the perfect time of year to get use out of short/no-sleeve sweaters paired with jeans or shorts with sweater combinations. With this rule you get the perfect, balanced coverage and you can make some really cute outfits!

I hope this gave you some guidelines on what to pick out to wear in-between seasons. Got more tips for me? Comment them below. I am always looking for fresh ideas to help me pick out my day-to-day outfits.



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