September iPhone Wallpaper

There is something about the seasons changing that puts me in a good mood. I really enjoy the fall, i’d say that its my favorite time of year. Im not so excited about putting most of my bright colors away in my summer wardrobe but I’m definitely super excited to wear my sweaters!

One of the things I wanted to throw on here was my love for a neat iPhone. I know, random right? There is something about an organized phone that keeps me sane. I am constantly changing the look of my phone to give me sort of a refresher and part of that is looking for cute iPhone wallpapers each month to give myself something new to look forward to while getting the month started.

Here are some of my September favorites:

(Disclaimer: I get most of them off of Pinterest. Every once and a while I take a great shot that I deem worthy of my screen background which I am trying to do more of! Tap and hold down on the image in order to save to your phone. Enjoy!)



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