Cyber Tuesday

The stores have spoken and they are extending their Cyber Monday deals just one more day. I thought i’d share some of my picks from this sales. Some stuff I already own, some of it I have my eye on!

J.Crew: 40% off your purchase with code SHOPFAST

J. Crew Factory: 60% off everything no code needed

L.L. Bean: 20% off clothes and outerwear with code THANKS20

Express: 50% off everything!

Old Navy: 50% off everything!

Talbots: 40% off all sweaters, tops, accessories, and shoes

Happy Shopping!


Giving Thanks

Each year, around this time, I am always astounded with how much has changed since the year before. Always good changes…even if I am unable to see it at the time. I have learned that there is always going to be something that goes wrong (I still hate negative changes) but I am slowly learning its out of my control so I try not to be so afraid of it anymore. If you look hard enough there is something good that comes out of everything. I was just telling my boyfriend last night that I was so grateful for the bad relationship I was in back when I was 19 years old because without it, I wouldn’t have my cat, Minnie. If you know me in real life, Angela and Minnie are basically inseparable. She is a huge part of me and I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it. (I sound like a crazy cat lady LOL)

Over the summer I worked for a senior living facility. It was, hands down, the best job I had ever had in my life. I was in the activities department so basically I got to play bingo, wheel of fortune, and do arts and crafts all day long. I got to spend time going on walks with those who are memory impaired while just chatting away about their journey. Whether they were 24 just like me or a big-time trumpet player in New York City and we were back in the 50’s, I was along for the ride. Leaving that job was one of the saddest things I have ever had to do. I still miss them all so much but I learned so much about life through that experience. Just go with your journey. Life is never conventional, things don’t always go as planned but there is a certain calmness that goes along with appreciating life for what it is.

Today and everyday, I am genuinely grateful for everything I have in my life. My life certainly isn’t perfect, there are things I want to work harder at, things I want to change completely, people I miss having in my life, etc. but it is still a beautiful life and I am very thankful for where I am today. I am thankful for everyone I have in my life and the joy they bring to it. I really have a ton to be grateful for and its a great feeling to just stop for a second to appreciate it.

Hope everyone has a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading my little tid-bit today. I hope you can relate. Outfit details below, everything is currently on major sale! Happy shopping! 🙂

Outfit Series: Thanksgiving with The Paper Store

Growing up Thanksgiving was always the holiday hosted at my home so I loved getting to eat and then immediately changing into PJs while I relaxed for the rest of the night. Nothing beats the crisp fall air, town football in the morning, and catching up with extended family for the day. I see my extended family frequently, but I see them the most in a short span of time during these next few months. Its always nice to catch up with them.

I am always in a rut about what to wear for Thanksgiving. Do I dress up? Is it not that big of a deal? I feel as though I am one who enjoys dressing the part so any excuse for a cute outfit I typically go for it. This year, I chose this cozy sweatshirt dress from The Paper Store as I love the color. It screams fall and its so warm. It was perfectly paired with over-the-knee boots which I will have linked for you below. The combination is one I am going to start wearing more as I can’t stand tights. Investing in a pair of these boots is well worth it and a great alternative for the person who can’t stand to freeze but won’t wear the tights. The boots kept my legs warm during the photos, I was super happy about it.

I must say that I love the quality of clothing I have gotten from The Paper Store this season. This dress was so flattering on and it really did a great job of keeping me warm. The detailing on their pieces really gets me. They add such simple, yet elegant, feminine details to each piece, like, this simple oversized sweatshirt (if you will). You can wear this piece out and about or even in the office if you wanted. In my opinion, the perfect option for those who love wearing dresses in the fall and winter time.

This time of year always flies by so quickly. I can not believe we are already half way through November! Be sure to check out The Paper Store as they have some hidden gems this season. It is always such a pleasure getting to work with them. You can shop online or stop in if you have one in your area.

Fall Staple Pieces with The Paper Store

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic Thursday, the weekend is just around the corner and i couldn’t be more excited. It finally feels like fall outside and I have been breaking out my flannels and sweaters…about time, its only November (no biggie!)

Today I am sharing with you some of my fall staple pieces this season. I am someone who doesn’t really invest in trends. If I find a piece that is trendy but fits well into my classic style i’ll add it to my closet but I really try to stick to those versatile pieces that will last me season after season. One of my biggest things this season is quality over quantity. For me, working in fashion as well as having a blog, I easily get caught up in wanting to buy everything all the time. I clearly don’t have that kind of budget so I am really trying to focus on limiting myself to only the pieces that will give me so much wear.

The first item that I would say to invest in is good Denim

I get most of my denim from J.Crew or Express. I am not really sure about the quality of Express Denim yet. I like it but I don’t love it, J.Crew’s Denim is amazing though. Denim is timeless and something that can be worn season after season. I find myself living in Denim in the fall and wintertime. I’d say a good pair of jeans is definitely part of my signature look.


For fall, I love a cozy flannel thats why when I found this one at The Paper Store, I fell in love. It is so soft and comfortable. I love the longer cut which makes it wearable with leggings. The accents on this shirt add the perfect touch of chic to a classic oversized, boyfriend look. When I wear this top I feel cozy and feminine. I cannot recommend this piece enough. A flannel in the fall is something that will never go out of style and they can be dressed up as well as dressed down so easily. Its a go-to for me when I have a lazy day. I just throw on a flannel and jeans and I am good to go!

Statement Shoes

So this is where I get a little bit trendy. Slides are really in this season. I hoped on the band wagon because they really have a crisp, timeless look thats similar to a Loafer which I love. But another thing thats in this season, that you will see more of on the blog in the upcoming months is statement shoes. A simple outfit mixed with a pair of shoes that really make a bold entrance is something that just looks so good. Leopard shoes are easily paired with other patterns that they’re basically a fun neutral so when I saw these slides from Francesca’s Collection I couldn’t resist.

Statement Jewelry

A trend that certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. whether it be giant earrings or an oversized necklace, fashion jewelry has a way of making an outfit feel so put together. I am not the biggest collector of statement jewelry but I do love those pieces that are neutral, classic, while still adding a pop to my outfit. I layered two classic J.Crew statement necklaces to give the outfit a nice glow. I was certainly ready to take on my day!

I would love to hear what your favorite pieces for fall are. I am always looking for fashion inspiration, plus I love chatting about clothes. Comment below or find me on Instagram here. Let’s be friends!!


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