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I started my new job so I apologize for being MIA. I have so much going from now up until graduation so I will do my very best to keep everyone updated on whats currently going on in my life. I do have some exciting work coming to the blog as well that I can not wait to share with all of you.

One of the things I incorporated into my routine this year was working out. I have truly started to figure out more about myself through this process. I am a very anxious person so hitting the gym has become part of my relaxation routine. It is truly what gets me through my week.

I am taking my time learning different workouts and am just starting to get my bearings around a gym. This is only the beginning of my fitness journey but I am so grateful for the positive changes I have seen both mentally and physically thus far.

Part of working out comes with different work out outfits. And a huge thank you to one of my fitness role models, Whitney Simmons for getting me hooked on Gymshark. PSA: For those of you pondering whether or not you want to start your own fitness journey I highly suggest watching Whit. I didn’t even work out when I began watching her youtube videos and they changed my views on fitness. You don’t have to have the biggest muscles or lift huge weights in order to benefit from her videos. Working out is not a diet, its a lifestyle. Whatever your reasons behind hitting the gym are part of your own journey to living a healthy life.

For me, the gym isn’t really about my looks. I have a body that I love so its not about how much gain I can add to the booty. Its a place where I can relax. The turning point for me was going to gym when I had, had a really… bad… day…I suffer from chronic stomach issues as well as anxiety and I was not feeling well at all one day. I decided to go to the gym despite this. By the end of my workout I couldn’t describe how much better I felt. It was truly inspiring. So if you’re thinking of taking that first step at the gym give it a try!

But on to the outfit…

I am obsessed with gymshark. They are a pain in the butt when it comes to shipping and what not but their product are amazing. They don’t break the bank like most athletic wear and I love the trendy look of all the pieces. This Ribbon Crop Top is so cute!!! Its has a nice twist for a basic muscle tee. I paired it with these cool high waisted leggings from Victoria Secret and it showed just enough skin to feel as though you were still covered.


The Obsession with Workout Clothes is Real…

I have been so overwhelmed lately in the best way possible. Life is just so fast-paced at the moment, I am doing my best to just pause and enjoy it. Life isn’t all sunshines and rainbows as I get stressed out easily but I am trying my best to make the most of it.

I wanted to get this post up tonight because I feel like I have so much that is scheduled to come in so little time. Normally It wouldn’t be a problem to get it all done on time but homework is very much in my way.

I can’t quit with these workout outfits and can you believe that theres more of them coming soon LOL?! I just love the comfort of an outfit like this one. It’s super fun yet so comfortable at the same time. I have starting working out again and so far I am discovering how beneficial it is to make it part of my weekly routine. I have had a busy week so far and I can’t wait to make my way to the gym tomorrow and Friday. Having a boyfriend who is super passionate about the gym and working out in general is really helpful because lets be real, I don’t know the first thing about lifting and building muscle. He has been super great through this process. Him and my girl, Whitney Simmons lol.

I paired these leggings with a basic workout tank from Old Navy. One thing about workout clothes is that there super expensive so you need to try to save where you can. I have yet to get my hands on a pair of lululemon leggings. I’m sure it will happen sooner than I think but they are certainly an investment. One of the best things to do when pairing together outfits like this is to find basics that are affordable and splurge only on the fun pieces that can tie the look together. Places like Old Navy, Marshalls, Uniqlo and TJ Maxx have great basics and they don’t break the bank. Plus, they provide you with quality product which is always key in my opinion.

Looking put together is something that helps keep me motivated to tackle my goals, whether it be goals at the gym or even with my daily routine. Its something I love to do and I certainly take a lot of pride in it. I love fashion and inspiring others to get out there and do the things they love/achieve those goals they have for themselves. I’m a firm believer that you can do anything you set your mind to. I love watching people get out there and make things happen for themselves.

What are some ways you stay motivated?

Last Snow of The Season (Hopefully…)

This week I want to share with you this hat I got from a company called Baddogtee. I am a sucker for local family-owned businesses so when they reached out and contacted me I was honored. They sent me a custom embroidered hat with my blog logo on it. Easily my most favorite baseball cap in my collection. It’s perfect and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

You can really add a piece like a baseball cap to a number of outfits. I know I have been wearing this hat on repeat lately but my most favorite outfit was the one I wore one day to the park with Nick. We had a blizzard last week which is finally starting to melt but on the first warm day we took a ride to the park and it was beautiful to be able to see what is probably going to be the last snow of this season. It was warm enough to be without a jacket but I layered up in one of my L.L. Bean pullovers and a puffer vest from J.Crew.

I swear by these pullovers, they are my all time favorite. Because they’re basically all I wear around the apartment, I have a collection of different colors. L.L. Bean makes such a  high quality product that you know you’re really getting your moneys worth when you purchase from this company.

I was super comfortable in this look but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up a cap like this. I can’t wait till it gets a bit warmer and I can wear it with a t-shirt dress. Needless to say, baddogtee has done a great job and if you are looking for some custom logo-wear they are definitely the place to go to! I’ll be sure to link their social media below so you can check out their work.


Website | Instagram | Facebook

March Favorites

This weather has really put me behind schedule with shooting outfit posts so I decided to start a new series on here that shows you the things I am currently loving. Similar to those Monthly Favorites videos on youtube, minus the youtube lol! Products ranging from beauty, books, fashion, and more to get the word out about the things I am obsessing over right now. Also, let me know of different things you’d like to start seeing here on the blog because I am looking into different ways I can branch out from my typical outfit posts. I want to be sure to provide my readers with content they want to read about so all feedback is greatly appreciated!

  1. The Paper Store– Recently this company reached out to me to get me on board as their brand influencer for my area. I had heard of the company before but never really knew what they were about so I popped into my local paper store and my mind was blown. SO many different brands from Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, Life is Good, and more. It was seriously heaven. I couldn’t believe I had no idea this place was right in my backyard all this time. They carry much more than paper so don’t let the name fool you. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor, and much more. If you live in my area be sure to come check out the Ramsey, NJ location. The store is hosting an event this Thursday March, 16th from 6-9 pm filled with promotions and prizes so you can stock up on some essentials for spring and you bet i’ll be there, so come say hey!!
  2. THIS COAT!!!– I saw this rain jacket on Instagram and I am in love with it. The style is so timeless and I love the yellow detailing which gives the coat just a hint of color for spring. I am a sucker for stripes. I just love that nautical feel especially during the warmer months. The reviews are superb on their website so if you’re looking for a classic piece thats so fun I highly recommend this rain trench.
  3. Active Wear from Old Navy– Over the weekend Old Navy did 50% their active wear so you best believe I went to check it out. The pieces are so cute and comfortable and I just think the price point is perfect for those basics you’d need for everyday use. Plus the quality is great. Job well done, Old Navy! (P.S. its 40% off on the website now)
  4. I have been watching a lot of Whitney Simmons on youtube recently so I have been obsessed with learning about different workouts, different foods to fuel your body, different gear etc. I think her story is super inspiring and she’s so funny to watch! I highly recommend her channel if you’re looking for some new people to watch. Let me know who your favorite youtubers are, I am always looking for great content to discover!
  5. Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris– I have only just started this book and it already has me hooked. I am currently on spring break and am so grateful for the extra time to myself. I really enjoy reading but don’t get to read as much as I would like during the academic year so its nice to have a week to myself so I can engross in a good book. I am the type of person who could spend hours in a book store just reading about each book until I find the perfect one. Keep up with what I am reading on Goodreads. Lets be friends!

I hope you enjoyed the things I am loving this month, comment below or find me on Instagram to tell me the things you’re loving currently! I love finding out about all the different things that people enjoy.

Lastly, I just want to give a shout out to my cat, Alexa, she unfortunately passed away last week. She was so young, only 7 years old, and it was quite the shock for my family and I. If you have some time, say a little prayer for her up in heaven. I hope that whatever she’s doing up there, she’s safe, happy, and free from pain.

Work Out Gear In-between Seasons

Hello friends! I know it has been a while, I have had a crazy two months back at school. It just feels like there has been event after event happening in my life so I haven’t had much time for myself. Hopefully things will quiet down soon and I can get back to posting on a regular schedule. For now I hope this is okay!

Anyway, we had the most beautiful weather this past weekend and I took full advantage of it! I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible this past Sunday so I packed up a bunch of stuff and did my first ever, multi-outfit photoshoot. For the first time I felt what it was truly like to be a blogger searching for public restrooms at a huge park or changing outfits in the back of my car. What a glamorous time, let me tell you. But it got the job done and I am set for a little while on outfit posts (thank you, nick for taking my photos!)

I have been really into workout apparel lately, I think its because there is a huge part of me that wants to start taking small steps to learn how to love working out and eventually incorporate it into my weekly routine. I am someone who just has never been to the gym. I have certainly tried it (its hard lol) but I see people around me who truly love it so much, and I want that as well.

They say going to the gym is very good for anxiety and boy am I a ball of anxiety…let me tell you! My boyfriend Nick, and his older brother’s Matt and Mike are huge on the gym. They work out every single day. The other night I was over for dinner and Nick, Mike, and I were sitting in the kitchen measuring our Body Fat. I fell in the lean category, but there is so much more that goes into being healthy and I am eager to learn more about it.

Another thing that I think I will love about incorporating working out into my weekly routine is the apparel that comes along with it. I love yoga but simply don’t do is a lot anymore so I already have some cute outfits in my closet for the occasion. Even though it is still February, we are starting to enter into the not yet spring but not cold enough for a bulky sweater part of the year. This time of year always gets confusing for me because I never know how to dress. I found over the years that in these types of weather situations, layering is key. This way you’re warm enough for the walk outside to your car but you can take layers off as the heat is still blasting most places indoors.

And if you know me, you know that I am obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer, I have a beautiful collection and I wear the brand pretty much every day in the spring and summertime. This outfit was a great way for me to start wearing some Lilly before spring rolls around. I was perfectly comfortable as it was a bit windy out that day. I layered a sports bra, a workout tank, a quarter zip, and a puffer vest giving me a multitude of looks in case I needed to take a layer off throughout the day. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The leggings were my favorite, Lilly always has such cute and comfortable patterned leggings but you can recreate this outfit with almost anything you have in your closet. Weather you’re experimenting with pairing different solid colors together or playing with patterns, have fun with it!

I’ve linked some of my favorite Lilly leggings below from their Luxletic collection as well as the rest of my outfit details! If any of you have a favorite brand of workout gear I should try, let me know in the comments below!


amfAR New York Gala

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the amfAR New York Gala with some pretty great friends. One of my best friends from college invited me to tag along with her boyfriend and his family and friends. I had such a fun night with everyone, I am beyond blessed to have been given this opportunity.

The night was certainly nothing I had ever experienced before. I have had my fair share of meeting celebrities but nothing like this. The event was the silent kick off to New York Fashion Week honoring fashion legend, Donatella Versace and actress Scarlett Johansson. People from all industries (fashion, music, and film) were represented at the event. I was surrounded by models like Adriana Lima and Duckie Thot and celebrities like Paris Hilton and Alan Cummings. It was an eye opening experience for me to watch all these people come together to combat a cause so near and dear to them. For those of you who don’t know what amfAR is, its an organization that raises money to research a cure to help combat AIDs. The speeches, videos, performances, and auctions held were all stunning and I have the utmost respect for this organization and all it does for those out there suffering with this deadly disease.

When deciding what to wear for this event, I did some research and caught up on the company Rent The Runway. I was a little anxious about how everything would work if by chance something didn’t fit, but I live close enough to New York City that I would be able to stop in and swap it out for something else if need be. I ended up being very lucky and everything fit perfectly. I enjoyed how easy and convenient the service was allowing you to choose accessories to go with your look. I rented this midi gown from Nicole Miller NYC along with accessories from RJ Graziano. The whole look was gorgeous and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out!

This week, I was having a pretty bad week, this event was the perfect pick-me-up. When having a bad week, its always a good idea to pamper yourself. I got my hair done at The DryBar before the event which I highly recommend and I instantly began to feel better. They pampered me from the second I walked in to the second I left and I felt beautiful.

Being at the event,  I was able to put myself in check, and realize that some of the things going on in my life right now are so small compared to people fighting for their lives everyday… And most importantly, I was able to have some fun for once! (I don’t get out much these days lol)

A HUGE shoutout to my best friend, Chelsey and her boyfriend, Ian for having me. Words cannot express how amazing last night was and getting to spend it with you both was the icing on the cake!

Here’s some pictures from the event:



If you’re looking for an outfit for any occasion Rent The Runway offers 20% off your first order now!

Feeling Adventurous

I swear, this outfit makes me want to go on an adventure. I am ready for anything that comes my way as long as I got my Hunter rain boots and my L.L.Bean Quarter Zip. For Christmas, (I think I have mentioned this before) my family does a family-wide grab bag. My cousin, Victoria had me and got me a super cute pandora charm for my bracelet and and L.L. Bean gift card (my favorite place)! Thanks Tori if you’re reading. I LOVE it!

Nick and his older brother, Mike also got L.L Bean gift cards for Christmas so the three of us went shopping together to pick out some goodies. Nick got some new work boots and Mike got an All-Season 3-in-1 Jacket and  this Flannel-lined Shirt Jacket. Everyone was super happy with their new stuff. I seriously could stay in that store forever, I love everything so much. Everything you get is such great quality, it’ll last you a lifetime. We are very lucky to be able to have a store so close by!

For this outfit I layered my sweater with a gingham flannel from J.Crew underneath. I loved the look of it mixed with the color-block on the pullover. The combination went well together. I wore it with Jeans and my navy matte Hunter boots. No Jacket needed and it was pretty chilly out that day. I was so warm!

I love these pullovers, I have a few already and I love them so when I saw the color-block, I new I would get a lot of use out of it. It is a men’s pullover but they have unisex sizing. I held a women’s small up against a men’s and there wasn’t much of a difference, if any at all, so I went for it!

Hope you have a great weekend! See you Monday!


Prepster Ange

A Splash of Red in New York City!

Before the new year I packed up some family in the car and headed to New York City to see the Christmas tree before its taken down for the season. Now, I may only live fifteen minutes from the city but I love the Christmas decorations just as much as the next person. What can I say? It’s my favorite time of year.

I paired up with Talia B Photography to get some great shots in front of the tree and around the city. It was so cold and crowded with people but well worth it. There is something about Christmas-time in the city that just puts me in a good mood.  Once the shooting was done I popped into Starbucks for a well-deserved, WARM, vanilla latte. It was a great way to begin to draw a close to 2016.

I wore a white fisherman’s sweater which is my absolute favorite type of sweater. They’re great for layering and they’re so cozy/warm. I was going to layer under with a button-down and last minute decided I wouldn’t want to be too hot walking around but of course regretted that choice once I left the house. I wore my thick, J.Crew Vail, Parka coat. I am not that into parka’s honestly but this is about the only parka I’d wear. I LOVE it, I have been meaning to get one the past couple of seasons and finally went in to get it because the price was right. I wore the outfit with jeans and hunter boots. The final touch was a cute, Christmas-plaid scarf. If I had to pick a signature winter outfit that I reach for on a more day-to-day basis it would be this one. I think it screams my personality, a very timeless look with a splash of color!

Be sure to shop my outfit details down below!

If you’re looking to get your photos taken I’ll link all of Talia’s pages below, she does great work! I look forward to working with her again.

Facebook Page | Instagram |


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2016 Year in Review

I remember at the end of 2015 as my family and I got so excited for the year to end. We had gone through hardships for much of the year and the new beginning that comes each year was the only thing keeping us positive. “2016 is gonna be our year!” we all hoped. Boy…were we wrong. The year from start to finish has been for the most part, a painful extension of 2015 but I have to believe that there’s some sort of silver lining through all of this. The beauty of life is almost always in conquering hardships. Between my mom’s health, and a death that altered the entirety of our family dynamic the stress has certainly taken a toll on everyone during the course of the year. And here we’ve come full circle at the end of 2016, praying that 2017 is going to be a good one.

This time of year, you always see people reminiscing on the good, bad, happy and sad of the past 365 days. Everyone looks for the next year to bring them more of life’s surprises. They use this time to reflect, set goals, and put changes in place in order to better themselves. I really admire everyone who hangs on to the notion of a new beginning. It means you’re eager to keep going no matter what storm has come through your life, in the past. There’s certainly something to be said about the power of positivity. Over the past year one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to be grateful for every situation in life because everything you encounter throughout your journey teaches you something about yourself and the world around you. If you practice thankfulness, you’ll learn how to be able to see the silver lining in every situation.

So, instead of wishing this past year good riddance, I want to thank 2016 for pushing and challenging me. Over the past year, I have learned so much about who I am and the things I want out of life. But the biggest gift that I could’ve received is the strength myself, and everyone I love has shown through their personal hardships and the beauty of continuing on to let the world know that “2017 is going to be our year!”

I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! As I know so many around me have also had a rough year, may you be able to see the silver lining of it all and continue to look forward to the endless possibilities the future holds.


Prepster Ange

A Winter that Feels like Fall

I have been mentally preparing myself for the cold to finally hit us. We had a bit of snow the week before Christmas which had me a little excited but it melted fast and it was another warm Christmas for us, here in New Jersey. I wasn’t exactly complaining but I am itching to wear my big, bulky sweaters already.

This year it felt that December came so fast, I can’t believe there’s only just a few more days before 2017 arrives. I am so glad that Christmas is over with but I must say I’ll miss it very much. This year I spent the holidays with my boyfriend which was very nice. Christmas eve, my big, Italian family gets together for an ugly sweater party while we eat our seven-fish dinner and open presents from Santa. They have this tradition going that if its your first Christmas spent with us you have to be the one to dress up and play Santa Clause. Nick rose to the occasion and I was a very impressed Mrs. Clause. The night was such a blast. I always look forward to it! Christmas day was spent with Nick’s family which was a beautiful day, his little cousin’s are the cutest! I was extremely grateful to spend time with everyone. I love getting to see them.

Now that the Holiday’s are over I am having a nice week just relaxing. I feel like its been so long since I have had no obligations and it feels so great! I am a little on the antsy side so I have been looking for things to organize throughout the house. It always feels refreshing to start clean and neat for the new year. I recently re-organized my closet after watching hours upon hours of youtube videos for some great ideas and it has been a game changer! I reach for things that were hidden prior and I have an easier time picking out all my different layers for each outfit.

I am obsessed with plaid (I am currently wrapped in a plaid blanket while writing this post lol) and the weather was beautiful out so I reached for a plaid button-down and paired it with my J.Crew field jacket. I wore the outfit with jeans (what else is new lol) and these cute winter boots I found this season at Target!

I feel like target has become my new favorite place. Their stuff for winter has been so cute and the quality is amazing! They just got a target in a neighboring town to mine and I’m like a regular customer already lol. I never understood what a target obsession was before they opened one by my house! Let me just say, the obsession is real.

I really hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their family and friends! I would love to hear all about it so feel free to leave some comments down below about what you did over the weekend.

Here’s a photo from Nick and I during our Christmas celebrations!

Outfit Details:

Field Jacket (sold out) | Plaid Popover (sold out) | Similar Button-down | Jeans | Necklace | Headband | Sherpa Boots


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