Gymshark Obsession

I started my new job so I apologize for being MIA. I have so much going from now up until graduation so I will do my very best to keep everyone updated on whats currently going on in my life. I do have some exciting work coming to the blog as well that I can not wait to share with all of you.

One of the things I incorporated into my routine this year was working out. I have truly started to figure out more about myself through this process. I am a very anxious person so hitting the gym has become part of my relaxation routine. It is truly what gets me through my week.

I am taking my time learning different workouts and am just starting to get my bearings around a gym. This is only the beginning of my fitness journey but I am so grateful for the positive changes I have seen both mentally and physically thus far.

Part of working out comes with different work out outfits. And a huge thank you to one of my fitness role models, Whitney Simmons for getting me hooked on Gymshark. PSA: For those of you pondering whether or not you want to start your own fitness journey I highly suggest watching Whit. I didn’t even work out when I began watching her youtube videos and they changed my views on fitness. You don’t have to have the biggest muscles or lift huge weights in order to benefit from her videos. Working out is not a diet, its a lifestyle. Whatever your reasons behind hitting the gym are part of your own journey to living a healthy life.

For me, the gym isn’t really about my looks. I have a body that I love so its not about how much gain I can add to the booty. Its a place where I can relax. The turning point for me was going to gym when I had, had a really… bad… day…I suffer from chronic stomach issues as well as anxiety and I was not feeling well at all one day. I decided to go to the gym despite this. By the end of my workout I couldn’t describe how much better I felt. It was truly inspiring. So if you’re thinking of taking that first step at the gym give it a try!

But on to the outfit…

I am obsessed with gymshark. They are a pain in the butt when it comes to shipping and what not but their product are amazing. They don’t break the bank like most athletic wear and I love the trendy look of all the pieces. This Ribbon Crop Top is so cute!!! Its has a nice twist for a basic muscle tee. I paired it with these cool high waisted leggings from Victoria Secret and it showed just enough skin to feel as though you were still covered.


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Last Snow of The Season (Hopefully…)

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amfAR New York Gala

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