Outfit Series: Apple Picking

You guys asked for it, I am going to do my best to deliver! Weekly posts on Thursdays. This Thursday I am going to share my beloved apple picking experience. Its probably my favorite post of the year to be honest. Apple picking, in my life, is something that’s really important to me. I think because fall is my favorite season and its kind of like the beginning marker for fall so I get really into it.

This year was the hottest October to date so it really threw the experience for a whirl. I pushed going with Nick until I knew that if I pushed it off any longer there would be no apples left, so we went! It was a cooler day but still so hot to layer as much as I would’ve liked so I settled on a sweater, jeans, and hunter boots. Key tip when apple picking: wear rain boots. It can get really muddy and dirty so I find that boots are the way to go. I threw on my Barbour jacket for added warmth as it was chilly earlier in the day. Needless to say I “did it for the blog” because I was sweating so much during my shoot. I was not a happy camper.

insert photo of behind the scenes misery…

Once the photos were done we brought the cameras back to Nick’s truck and shredded our layers there and went to explore the orchid. It was so huge that we drove from place to place to ensure we hit all of the apples on our list. I am actually pretty impressed that my house is blowing through the apples I picked. We’ve already eaten about half the bag within the week.  I’m impressed.

My favorite part of the day were the animals, obviously. If you know me in real life you’ll know that I love animals so so much. I was in awe of the cows, they were just the cutest!

For you gentlemen out there we’ll go through Nick’s outfit. Like I said earlier it was so hot out so he wore a simple flannel with jeans, and some Tims. He also wore his Barbour classic wax jacket over top during the chillier moments (and for couple shots).

I ended up having a really great time once we put away the cameras. Exploring and trying different apples was so much fun. Hanging out with Nick is always fun too, he’s my best friend. Our first time really spending the day together was when we went apple picking three fall’s ago with some friends. It’s kind become our little tradition. I’m sad it came and went but I am already excited for next year!

I’ll have outfit details for both Nick and my outfits below.




Outfit Series: Marley Lilly

Hey loves!

I am so excited to share with you  today my favorite collaboration on my blog journey thus far, MARLEY LILLY!! When they reached out to me to send me a piece from their fall collection I freaked out. As you know, I love anything with a monogram but Marley Lilly is one of my favorite brands. They’re just a one-stop-shop for trendy clothes and accessories personalized to you. I love the quality of their products and they are always having great sales so you really get a great deal.

They sent me their Monogrammed Sherpa Pullover Tunic which is part of their outerwear collection. I’m actually wearing it while I write this, its just so cozy! It’s super soft to the touch, it feels like a plush blanket or pillow. And one of the things I love about it is even though its a typical quarter-zip, its technically a tunic so the length is a bit longer. It goes past my bum which is amazing when wearing with leggings. I’m 5’6″ and I got a size S/M for reference.

I styled it with leggings and black riding boots. A super simple outfit, perfect for game day or a nice fall day in the park. Its great to wear outdoors because I feel that it keeps me warm. Like I said before, its like wearing a blanket! I love the fact that you can dress this piece down so casually like the outfit shown or you can wear it with jeans and booties to give it more flare.

Check out Marley Lilly for anything cute and monogrammed! I will have all my outfit details linked below. Happy Shopping 🙂


Outfit Details: Sherpa Pullover

Outfit Series: Transition Outfits For Fall

Something that used to be really hard for me was that in-between season’s weather. I made it a personal goal to learn how to master the art of transition outfits. Now, I am not one for rules so I think wearing white after Labor Day is a-okay but, once September hits my mindset changes and I am ready for my favorite season to emerge.

If you live in my area you know that this week its been warm and in the 80’s. I appreciate the warm weather sticking around but all I really want to do is throw on a cozy flannel and some jeans as we are well into September. Nick even suggested we go apple picking yesterday and I asked if we could wait till it was just a tiny bit chillier before we take part in that fall tradition. Its genuinely a confusing time of year, at least for me anyway.

Some tips I have for taking your closet along on this crazy journey with you are as follows:

Darken Your Color Scheme: Take for instance this dress that I just scored on sale from J.Crew Factory. Its a nice short-sleeve dress which is nice for end of summer weather but its black and white gingham pulling it into early fall. I personally wouldn’t wear this piece in the summer just because I am not a huge black-wearing person to begin with but with this official start date to fall being this Friday, I am going to get a lot of use out of this dress before it gets too chilly.

Tie the Look Together with a Fall Shoe: Pack away those flip-flops and your white jacks and opt for a closed-toe shoe instead. In the summer-time, my uniform is pretty much a dress and my jacks. For this transition into a new season trade out those jacks for a loafer or bootie instead. It gives the dress an entirely different look. Even as simple as leggings and a tee with flats as opposed to sandals gives your look a more fall vibe.

Layer: I can not stress this enough, layers are key when trying to make outfits that fit well with the season’s transition. Always bring a sweater with you, much of the time indoors is way colder than the outside weather anyway. Not to mention mornings and nights are often chiller as well. Having a layering piece with you makes you ready for any temperature the weather may throw at you.

The One Piece Short, One Piece Long Rule: This is the perfect time of year to get use out of short/no-sleeve sweaters paired with jeans or shorts with sweater combinations. With this rule you get the perfect, balanced coverage and you can make some really cute outfits!

I hope this gave you some guidelines on what to pick out to wear in-between seasons. Got more tips for me? Comment them below. I am always looking for fresh ideas to help me pick out my day-to-day outfits.

September iPhone Wallpaper

There is something about the seasons changing that puts me in a good mood. I really enjoy the fall, i’d say that its my favorite time of year. Im not so excited about putting most of my bright colors away in my summer wardrobe but I’m definitely super excited to wear my sweaters!

One of the things I wanted to throw on here was my love for a neat iPhone. I know, random right? There is something about an organized phone that keeps me sane. I am constantly changing the look of my phone to give me sort of a refresher and part of that is looking for cute iPhone wallpapers each month to give myself something new to look forward to while getting the month started.

Here are some of my September favorites:

(Disclaimer: I get most of them off of Pinterest. Every once and a while I take a great shot that I deem worthy of my screen background which I am trying to do more of! Tap and hold down on the image in order to save to your phone. Enjoy!)

On My Radar: August

I feel like there are so many things going on right now. Some great and some not so great but thats life, am i right? I wanted to share some things going on as well as some things on my radar to keep you guys in the know.

First, I am pondering lots of new ideas for things here on Prepster Ange. I have hit some writers block recently and think its due to feeling as if I am being too repetitive with what I am writing about. I want to open it up to more lifestyle type posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion but my life is so much more than that! I want this to be my outlet for sharing things that I love with people who choose to read along so I don’t want to limit myself with my content. And now that my schedule has changed without school I am looking into a reading schedule to keep things more consistent. I look forward to scheduling different content creator’s blog posts, or youtube videos on the days I know they post into my daily routine. I have some great things coming soon that I am very excited about so I want to have a nice foundation set up for that as well!

Life Update

So finally post-grad and employed! It was very important to me to find a job that I loved. I had a job right after graduation in the spring but it was something that was sucking the life out of me and fast. My commute was horrible. My day dragged on because I felt I wasn’t working to my full potential and it was making me miserable. I didn’t want to do anything after work, like go to the gym or do anything fun because I was so concerned about my homework, my meal prepping, making sure everything was always ready for the next morning because I don’t like waking up before 6 am…Circumstances (fate I guess you could say) led me to leave. Best decision I have ever made.

It was scary to not feel secure with what I was going to do next but life always has a way of working out. I now work at a senior living facility in the activities department and I have never loved a job more in my entire life. The residents have become such a central part of my life and they make coming to work everyday such a joy. I have learned the art of things like bingo (did you know there are SO many different bingo games you could play), the community you share at that age, and just the fact that life doesn’t stop once you get old. You do what you can to make the day bright and you make the best of the hand you were dealt in life. I am extremely blessed to have this experience in my life.

On My Radar

Some things on my radar lately that I want y’all to know about:

Lilly Pulitzer APS: The After Party Sale has been announced and I AM SO EXCITED. It begins in-stores and online the 28th-30th with a newly added preview to the sale this Sunday at 3pm. Some tips that I have for the sale are:

  1. learn to set aside money twice a year for this, I used to work at Lilly so getting Lilly discounted wasn’t an issue for me. Now I set aside money specifically for the sale because when you see something you want you can’t wait, you just have to go for it before its gone.
  2. Wake up a half hour before the sale begins. I sit there plopped in bed with some tea and breakfast and set up my computer so I am ready to get in the virtual line at 8am
  3. Have Fun! Make sure to keep checking back throughout the three days when you have some free time. They are always adding new goodies.

Tuesdays With Morrie: Now that I have no homework to do I have been reading more. I even renewed my library card and got myself a Kindle to make reading more “smart”. I love turning the pages of a book so we’ll see how the kindle works out but I have no where to store books so I have been meaning to make the switch for a while. Renewing my library card gives me the best of both worlds! I picked up this book at work and began reading when I had some down time one day. I had heard of it but never read it and found myself unable to put it down. I know that this is something that will one day be relatable to me in my line of work. I am with my residents during their final years of life and learning how to make the most of that experience for them as well as for myself was something inspiring to me. I highly recommend this book, it could change your perspective on how to live and what really matters in life. Follow along on Goodreads to see what I am reading next!

Instagram Lately

I am squeezing the last bits of summer out of my wardrobe and wanted to post some of my looks for some Sunday of Summer Inspiration!

Life Update: Graduating College

Today is the day I have been waiting for all summer and I can not believe it is finally here. As many of you saw if you follow me on social media, I graduated college in May. What you probably didn’t know is that I didn’t technically graduate as I had a summer full of classes ahead of me. I remember thinking at the beginning of Summer about how all of my friends are going to be just done with school but I’ll have to figure out how to balance a full-time job and being a full-time student this summer. I thought, what a long summer this was going to be. Boy… was I wrong. The summer flew by and today I can finally say that I am officially a college graduate.

Those of you who know me personally know that this was a very, very hard time in my life. College was a long road for me. I had things happen to me in my personal life that really set me back as far as graduating on time. I can admit that I whole-heartedly shut down at points and have wanted to give up on school but so thankful I didn’t. What I can say now is that I have learned so much about myself and am so grateful for the path I am on, today. I used to get so down on myself for being in college two extra years… How could I let this happen? And yet as time kept creeping up on me I began to feel sad about closing this chapter of my life. I think back to where I was on my first day of college, ever. The little girl I knew back then is so much different now. I have known loss and I have known true happiness during this time frame in my life.  I have learned who I am through each year that has passed me by.

To the bad things that happened to my life in 2011-2013, thank you. To the people who never stopped supporting me through some of the hardest challenges I have ever had to face, thank you. I couldn’t have gotten through it without you. To the beauty that is my life now, thank you. I am grateful for the wisdom this journey has given me. And I find myself very sad today as I close this chapter of my life. There were times when I thought I would never see this day and yet here it is. I am officially a college grad!

Mom and Dad, I did ittt!!!! (finally lol…)

Here’s a recap of my college experience:



(rest in peace to one of my best friends, Will)


Outfit Series: Mixing Patterns

One of the things I am trying to get better at is mixing patterns. If you mix a pattern in the right way you can create an outfit thats so cute, and looks extremely put together at the same time. Mixing the J.Crew Liberty Short with a navy and white striped top was an amazing outfit. I received so many compliments on it. A striped tee is really a basic for me. Its an easy twist on a simple outfit that makes you look like you put more effort into getting ready than you actually did.

I love easy pieces that make you look great. I am not one to wear something uncomfortable for the fashion aspect of it. I believe that there is a way to look the part each day while still feeling like you’re wearing something somewhat normal. Mixing patterns is a great way to achieve that! I paired the outfit with some cute sandals and was ready for my day.

Nordstrom Sale 2017

So to be honest this is the first year I have actually paid attention and had the opportunity to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I usually forget or don’t care that much about what they have. I am a Nordstrom card holder so I was granted early access to the sale and I don’t know, for some reason this year I have been loving the selection.

I put together a few outfits for fall with the pieces I did pick out and I will leave everything linked below.


Some of my favorite basics in the sale are s’well bottles. This was a big one for me. I use a s’well almost everyday so I am definitely using this opportunity to stock up. I have been loving the smaller 9 oz. size as it fits so perfectly in my purse/tote and they only come out to $15!!!! That’s such a great price. They also had a lot of cute shoes for fall ranging from booties to tennis shoes/trainers. I then had a chance to pick up a Nordstrom basic tee, everyone seemed to be talking about what high quality they are and they were right. I am obsessed with this tee, it is so flattering on.


I got one of the BP cardigans which are super comfortable (btw). I love the longer look with jeans and a tee in the fall. You could easily throw on any shoe and the look will still look so timeless and chic. Another sweater I got was this gray bell sleeve sweater. I saw one of my favorite bloggers post it in her try on haul and I immediately went for it. I can’t wait to style it for y’all soon!


Now this was a hard section for me. Everything was just so cute. I almost got the expandable long champ tote (linked below) because its such a great price but I have so many long champ totes already that I don’t know if its really worth it. I did however get this sole society bag! I kept reaching for it during my shopping trips…yes trips… and I couldn’t give it the green light. I have been seeing it everywhere on social media and knew that It would be a great piece to have. I have been using it already and its amazing. It fits EVERYTHING. I am obsessed.


To justify this last purchase, I have wanted a pair of Tory Burch riding boots my entire life LOL. I actually like them this year as they have a classic and basic logo to them that I had to at least try them on. Now what happens next I am going to blame on my boyfriend, Nick. He talked me into buying them. My boyfriend…who hates shopping…told me I needed them. Nows the time to buy them, he said so in agreement I finally pulled the trigger. The whole way home he asked me if I regret the purchase and honestly, I didn’t one bit. Riding boots are something I wear every day in the fall and winter time. These are going to last me years and I got them at such a great price!

Outfit One:

Outfit Two:

So thats a wrap…I hope…I am excited for my new wardrobe pieces and I think I am going to hang up my shopping shoes for a while.

I’d love to know what you picked up from the sale so feel free to leave a comment down below! Happy Nordstrom Sale!

Recap: Victory Cup Polo Match!

If you follow me on social media you know I attended the Victory Cup Farm Bash over the weekend in Patterson, NY. I was the winner of a giveaway on Instagram through The Richmond Prepster’s Blog. I was gifted two VIP Golden Mallet tickets to the event and I was thrilled to attend.

I have been to horse races in the past but never a polo match so I was excited to see what it was all about. There were many sponsors at the event so there was lots to do aside from watching polo. My boyfriend, Nick was super excited about the car show that was being held across the field. He’s super into cars so I was happy he got to see some cool ones.

I think my favorite part of the event was getting to pet the horses in-between matches. Horses are such beautiful animals. There were also a lot of vendors selling all your derby/preppy essentials. Among them were big derby hats, woven belts, and my favorite, the Zach Ryan Clothing Booth. I picked up one of his super cute solids tees as seen in my Instagram: here. Stay tuned to see how I styled this cute tee soon!

I met some pretty cool people at the event and I was so grateful for the experience. I was a little out of my comfort zone because there were so many of my favorite bloggers/entrepreneurs attending that I felt a little overwhelmed but everyone I met was super kind and really motivating. They really inspired me to keep at this whole blogging thing if its something I am really passionate about and to not be so hard on myself. Patience is key. I am grateful for the new friendships that came out of this weekend and I am excited to see where I’ll be for next year’s farm bash. It was truly the best party of summer!

Pictured: @culleycommittee and @therichmondprepster

The Gingham Trend

These shorts have been on my J.Crew wishlist for a while now. They are perfect for tucking in tee’s which is a go-to outfit for me in the summer. If you ever want to feel more put together while wearing a basic shorts-and-tee outfit, tuck in your shirt and wear a belt if necessary.

I got this top from J.Crew as well. At first I wasn’t sure about it. I saw a bunch of bloggers talking about it so I decided to try it for myself. I think what sold me is the fact that its actually a t-shirt not a blouse. As soon as I picked it up I was so happy. I now have it in both white and navy.

I accessorized the look white white accents. A white necklace from Kendra Scott along with my white Jack Rogers and a white crossbody bag from Michael Kors. The white brightened up the look and made it look like a more summer-y look.  I am not one to wear much dark clothing in the summer time but Navy is my black. The color combination looked great together.

What I love about this look is that you can recreate it with any scrunchy linen short and a tee. You can make it more casual for a normal day or spruce it up by mixing patterns or wearing a blouse instead!

I feel like J.Crew has been doing such a great job lately. Their pieces are so gorgeous. Even J. Crew Factory has such cute styles for summer. Well done, J. Crew.

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