Summer Hobbies + How to Stay Productive During Summer

Hello everyone! Today were going to talk about something that strays away from the usual outfit post/life update. These are things that have been inspiring me and helping me to have an organized summer and I hope these tips motivate you as well. Summer can be a trying time whether you are a student on break from school or an adult trying to grasp as much daylight as physically possible in-between working. The key is to stay productive. I know how hard that can be, summer is the season for forgetting what day it is and being lazy. Its hard not to get lost and let the season pass you by. Here’s a few minor things you can incorporate into your daily routine to help make the most of this great time of year.

  1. Make your bed each morning: I do this anyway (most days) I find that when I don’t I usually decide to lay in it all day. Once I make the bed in the morning I feel so much better about tackling the day and making the most out of my time. Its as if it sets me free and makes me feel organized and motivated to get things done.
  2. Set a small goal each day: Summer can come with a lot of time off/down time. It is important to make sure that you utilize that extra time to the fullest. A great way to keep yourself on track is to strive to achieve something you would like to get done each day. A great way to do this is to keep a running to-do list of all the things you have been meaning to do but the hustle and bustle of the rest of the year has prevented you from completing. I always feel like having a list is more incentive to get things done because who doesn’t LOVE to cross something off a to-do list, am I right?
  3. Play sports: There is something about going outside and having a catch or heading down to the town’s track/tennis courts to have a fun time with family or friends. It is a way to get a workout in while doing something different. I find that it keeps things interesting when you switch things up like this. Plus its so much fun, I have been loving taking full advantage of the weather even if its just a catch outside after dinner, with my boyfriend.  Any excuse to be outside works for me!
  4. Form Healthy Habits (ex. go to the gym, read/listen to a book): Consistency is key with this one. Its important to keep at your weekly routine. Things like going to the gym and reading really cleanse your body physically and mentally. They keep you healthy. I just recently finished a show on Netflix so now I am taking a break from TV. I feel so much more productive during my day. I hook my iPad up to my speaker and listen to an audio book while I lounge around in my room. It’s a great way to unwind.
  5. Bake/Make a treat: One thing that is on my to-do list for next week is to take the time to make more treats for myself. Whether it be a batch of brownies or a special homemade juice that you love, its always nice being able to have a little treat prepared for yourself during the week. Next week I am making homemade popsicles to try out the trend. Its a great, healthier alternative to ice cream and I can’t wait to show y’all how they turn out. Definitely stay tuned for that!
  6. (last but not least…) Have a morning and nighttime routine: Keeping at these routines will help you stay on track during the summertime. They start and end your day, in a healthy way, that incorporates the things you view as important to you into your daily routine.

I hope you were able to take something along with you on your journey from today’s post. I have been so motivated to give myself a healthy routine now that I have less structure as I have finished college. These small changes make all the difference whether you are someone who works full-time or is enjoying summer break. I find that these little changes that I strive to make each day make all the difference when it comes to my mood and how much I accomplish. Summer is too beautiful to be passed by. Make the most of the time you have!


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